Unearthed: Fortune Fuji Apples for Lunar New Year

Look at these beauties that I found at Longo’s Glen Erin: pretty, pink Fuji apples with Chinese lettering on them, packed in a festive red box.


The friendly voice at the other end of the @LongosMarkets twitter handle explained that these apples are grown with paper stencils attached to block the sunlight, leaving natural and elegant Chinese lettering when the apples have matured. According to Longo’s, the message on the box – 恭喜發財- loosely translates into English as “congratulations and be prosperous”. Wikipedia states that in Chinese culture, the colour red “symbolizes good fortune and joy” and yellow symbolizes “neutrality and good luck” and “is considered the most beautiful and prestigious color”¹.

These apples look lovely piled into a pretty bowl or adorning a place setting at a Lunar New Year celebration. Delightfully crisp and sweet, they would make a thoughtful gift for a lucky Chinese friend.


However you celebrate it and however you say it (How to Say “Happy Lunar New Year in Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Korean), Happy Lunar New Year to you!

¹Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_in_Chinese_culture January 25, 2014

Please check my Grocery Store Directory for details on Longo’s supermarkets.

Accessories (mini takeout box, geisha place card holder, chopsticks, and napkins) courtesy of www.cobistyle.com.

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