Crawford’s Village Bakery is Closing November 30, 2014

I am very sorry to share the sad news that Crawford’s Village Bakery is closing November 30, 2014. It’s such a loss for our community but aren’t we just so lucky to have enjoyed 47 years of Crawford’s best quality old-fashioned-goodness and friendly service. Oh how we will miss the pies! And I’ll miss the trips out to Crawford’s to stock up on gourmet goodies for our family feasts. Thank you to the Crawford family and staff for all the efforts you put in over all of these years to serve us so fabulously! Everything was always top-notch and well-loved. Best wishes and a big group hug from your community.

Click here to read Crawford’s announcement on their facebook page:

Click here to read my post on why I love Crawford’s so much:

Head on out to Crawford’s soon to stock up for Christmas before they close. Don’t wait too long because they may sell out before November 30th.

Okay…I gotta go have myself a wee cry now.

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