Crazy Mixed Olives

The first idea Olive got in her hot little head was to write a food blog called Olive to Eat. Olive loves to unearth the finest local flavours and talk endlessly about them. This sometimes drives her family nuts but they figure it’s easier than listening to her sing (don’t ever ask Olive to sing, especially not Crazy, Patsy Cline style). Sign up to receive Olive’s food blog posts by email or follow her on twitter, facebook, pinterest, or instagram.


Photo contributed by Laura Kelly.

Olive tried to bake up a cookie business, Olive My Love, but couldn’t find an easy way through all of the Peel Health red tape (those folks are sure looking out for us). Her fortune-not! cookie business quickly crumbled. If you have been extra sweet to Olive, you might still find a box of cookies on your doorstep at Christmas.

Next, Olive had a yearning for those tiny lipstick samples she played with as a child. She was once caught red-lipped, hanging like a monkey from her mom’s vanity, after trying on every colour with reckless abandon.

p265940_1_ca_en_ca_pd (3)

Ding dong, Olive the Avon Lady is in business! Avon samples anyone? Follow Olive the Avon Lady on facebook or sign up for her Avon newsletter by sending your consent to [email protected].

Try as she might, Olive just couldn’t contain her creative juices. Come on, Olive, what is in those suitcases?!


If you know Olive, you know she loves hunting for vintage treasures.

She has been busy carefully curating a line of fun and flirty vintage accessories.

Olive in Love (2)

Come see Olive’s collection, Olive in Love, now available at Three Wishes in Streetsville.

Enjoy all this dreamy shop has to offer (vintage home and garden and Bloomin’ Lovely handmade, local lavender products packaged with vintage love).

Follow Three Wishes’ facebook page for current hours of operation (limited). Please don’t forget to follow the Olive in Love page for updates on Olive’s latest finds.

So, Olive’s got a bit of a – forgive me – mixed olive thing going on. Sometimes she is sure she can hear her husband singing “ccraazzyy” under his breath. Thank you so much to all who support me, especially you honey!

2 comments to Crazy Mixed Olives

  • Cobi Ladner  says:

    This all sounds really exciting Olive! Congratulations and I know your multi-talents will make everything you do more savoury.

  • Olive  says:

    Thanks Cobi!

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