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Fresh Flavours: Cagney’s Greek Salad

Cagney’s Greek Salad is so good, it just might become as famous as their Caesar Salad. A generous bowl of fresh flavours: ultra sweet tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, purple onion, plump greek olives, hefty chunks of greek feta, and fragrant olive oil. Simple, best-quality ingredients. Greek salad done right. I could live on this for the rest of the summer! #purepleasure


Cagneys Restaurant
128 Queen St. S.
Streetsville, ON
L5M 1K8

Telephone : (905) 826-2311

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Crazy Mixed Olives

The first idea Olive got in her hot little head was to write a food blog called Olive to Eat. Olive loves to unearth the finest local flavours and talk endlessly about them. This sometimes drives her family nuts but they figure it’s easier than listening to her sing (don’t ever ask Olive to sing, especially not Crazy, Patsy Cline style). Sign up to receive Olive’s food blog posts by email or follow her on twitter, facebook, pinterest, or instagram.


Photo contributed by Laura Kelly.

Olive tried to bake up a cookie business, Olive My Love, but couldn’t find an easy way through all of the Peel Health red tape (those folks are sure looking out for us). Her fortune-not! cookie business quickly crumbled. If you have been extra sweet to Olive, you might still find a box of cookies on your doorstep at Christmas.

Next, Olive had a yearning for those tiny lipstick samples she played with as a child. She was once caught red-lipped, hanging like a monkey from her mom’s vanity, after trying on every colour with reckless abandon.

p265940_1_ca_en_ca_pd (3)

Ding dong, Olive the Avon Lady is in business! Avon samples anyone? Follow Olive the Avon Lady on facebook or sign up for her Avon newsletter by sending your consent to [email protected].

Try as she might, Olive just couldn’t contain her creative juices. Come on, Olive, what is in those suitcases?!


If you know Olive, you know she loves hunting for vintage treasures.

She has been busy carefully curating a line of fun and flirty vintage accessories.

Olive in Love (2)

Come see Olive’s collection, Olive in Love, now available at Three Wishes in Streetsville.

Enjoy all this dreamy shop has to offer (vintage home and garden and Bloomin’ Lovely handmade, local lavender products packaged with vintage love).

Follow Three Wishes’ facebook page for current hours of operation (limited). Please don’t forget to follow the Olive in Love page for updates on Olive’s latest finds.

So, Olive’s got a bit of a – forgive me – mixed olive thing going on. Sometimes she is sure she can hear her husband singing “ccraazzyy” under his breath. Thank you so much to all who support me, especially you honey!

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Forkful of Flavour: Molisana’s Lasagna

Molisana Lasagna

Craving a bite of homemade lasagna but can’t even dream up the time to cook it? Molisana Bakery layers soft sheets of lasagna with cheese and a ragù of meltingly tender ground meat in tomato sauce. Packed with homemade flavour. Total comfort food. Priced right. Olive it!


The Molisana ladies make about 20 lasagnas a day. Call ahead to order because these beauties sell out quickly. Dinner – fast, cheap, delicious – done!

Molisana Bakery
1474 Pickwick Drive, Unit 1
Mississauga, ON
L5V 2G2

Telephone: 905-826-8260

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Brilliant Flavour: Streetsville’s Saucy

Milton, you are in for a real treat! Streetsville’s gem of a restaurant, Saucy, will open a second location in Milton soon. The launch party is scheduled for Sunday November 2, 2014. Saucy has been our favourite local spot for celebration meals since it first opened its doors in Streetsville in November 2000. Why? The chef’s talent for creating brilliant flavour combinations shines through on plate after plate. Here is just a taste:


Pernod Prawns: My favourite appetizer at Saucy and quite possibly in my universe. Not on the menu anymore but if you ask, the chef will graciously make it for you bang on perfect every time. A beautifully composed plate of plump shrimp in a sublime, creamy Pernod sauce with a hint of anise, accented with soft chunks of tomato and chopped chive. Spooned over a soft but wonderfully chewy, grilled garlic baguette – perfect for mopping up the sauce. Garnished with tender-crisp asparagus, lemon, and fresh pea shoots. It just doesn’t get any better than this.


Crispy Goat Cheese: A swoon-provoking, generous pillow of warm, panko-crusted, creamy chèvre. Garnished with a dollop of sweet raspberry compote. Crostini and balsamic-dressed mixed baby greens on the side.


Bruschetta: Juicy, marinated Roma tomatoes on two pieces of creamy garlic toast, topped with plenty of paper-thin, shaved parmesan. Garnished with fresh basil chiffonade. Drizzled with balsamic glaze for a touch of sweetness.


Roasted Veggie Salad: A colourful medley of roasted butternut squash, asparagus, red onion, zucchini and sweet peppers with baby greens, dressed in a well-balanced vinaigrette. Sprinkled with crumbled feta cheese and drizzled with balsamic glaze.


Grilled Salmon: Nicely grilled and finished with a velvety sauce of puréed butternut squash, sweet maple, and ginger. Roasted garlic potatoes have a delicious crispiness on the outside. Flavourful seasonal vegetables are perfectly cooked.


Seafood Pasta: Seared shrimp, PEI mussels, and clams over spaghetinni and spinach, tossed in a dreamy goat cheese and basil rosé sauce. Garnished with fresh pea shoots.


Cedar Plank Scallops: Billowing scallops seared to absolute perfection, caramelized on the outside, tender on the inside; the focus simply on their buttery, nutty sweetness. Big, clean flavour that try as I might, I just can’t stop thinking about. Garnished with sweet shards of honey Dijon pork shoulder, rosemary mirin vinaigrette, and curly green onion.  My son kept begging for my pork but I didn’t mind because the scallops on their own had swept me away.

Recently renovated dining room decor is simply-stated casual elegance – perfect for a business lunch or a special night out. Better acoustics now with modern lux fabric panels and rich drapery. Wrap around floor-to-ceiling windows with nice view of treed park. Late night casual lounge. Summertime sidewalk patio.

Visit Saucy’s website for locations, hours, and menus.




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Celebration Tips: Desserts by Michelle & Soft Touch Video

Oh, does Olive have a couple of great tips for you to make your next milestone celebration extra special without breaking the budget! My father didn’t want a fuss over his birthday, so we gathered family around him and ordered Chinese take outs. But how can you pay tribute to 85 years of a life well-lived without doing something extraordinary?

Tip #1: Streetsville’s Desserts by Michelle, a personalized catering and dessert service for the GTA West area, is a great source for well-priced, delicious cakes. With over 20 varieties of cakes, tortes, tarts, and individual desserts to choose from, you will find something to suit every occasion.

My friends have been raving about Michelle’s wonderful desserts for years. The Éclairs, they tell me, are amazing, and so is the Pavlova – crunchy and sweet with gorgeous berries all over it. Madeleine cookies are a staple.  Another favourite is the English Toffee Cake. Michelle wowed the guests at a friend’s birthday party when she served chocolate spoons with bacon as an hors d’oeuvre; they were really good! Click here to check out Michelle’s website and photo gallery.


I ordered a Black Forest Cake, my Dad’s favourite. Over the years, we have served him a variety of Black Forest cakes from other suppliers – all of which were, in my humble opinion, quite ho hum. Michelle’s version was absolutely lovely. Luxurious but light and fresh, using real ingredients; not overly sweet. Dark chocolate cake – so moist it was almost fudgy – was layered with a tasty red cherry filling and plenty of freshly whipped real cream. It was garnished with dark chocolate and the most divinely juicy, fresh, local dark cherries.


Oops, got a bit of dripping candle wax in the photo and had to hurry while holding the hungry troops at bay.

It was the best Black Forest Cake I have ever tasted this side of the Black Forest (I did eat one in Germany once). Everyone loved it. It was delivered right to our door in a white box tied with a pretty orange ribbon. For a very reasonable price, we each enjoyed a generous piece and had plenty of leftovers. Michelle is my go-to-girl for celebration cakes (especially Black Forest!) from this point on.

What do you give the person who has everything? Consider a beautiful DVD slideshow featuring photos and video of life’s most memorable moments. Let your pictures and video tell his, her, or their unique story and it will last forever. And here comes Tip #2: Mississauga’s Mike Cederberg, owner and founder of Soft Touch Video, does a fabulous job of converting your photos, film, and video memories to DVD to preserve them, while bringing them to life in a moving and professional presentation – and his prices are fantastic!

Mike has created two DVDs for our family and a number for friends and all turned out great. They are the perfect way to mark a milestone celebration (birthday, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah, graduation), journal a special vacation, or create a lasting memorial tribute of a loved one.

I asked our family to record personal messages for my Dad on video (what he means to us, how he inspired us, or a favourite memory of time spent together, etc.). Mike compiled them, interspersed video with family photos, added creative visual effects and music, and burned a DVD copy for each of us. We played the DVD at the party. The surprise messages from family residing across the continent and overseas who we don’t get to see often were particularly moving. It touched us all and left my Dad, though emotional, beaming from ear to ear. I am so glad we did this for my Dad.

Be sure to click on this link and watch the beautiful slideshow Mike did as a loving tribute to his Mom.

And here is a link to the slideshow Mike created of a trip he and his wife, Mona, took in 1989.

So, keep these two tips tucked away for the next time your family celebrates a milestone.

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