Eat Like a Bird: Cheery Chia Seeds….cha cha cha!

Here is a charming hostess gift idea that won’t break the bank and will make your hostess feel especially loved:

Chia Seeds

a cheery jar tied with a pretty ribbon and filled to the brim with healthy chia seeds. Insert a tiny serving spoon in the jar to make it easy for your host(ess) to sprinkle these tiny, South American superseeds over everything possible – fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, soup, or green salad are my favourite choices.

Chia Seeds with spoon

My friend surprised me with this jar and olive it! It is pretty enough to leave out on my table, as a reminder to sprinkle a few seeds on whatever I am eating.

My friend claims these seeds help you feel fuller and I think she is right! My trainer, Joanne, encourages me to eat like a bird: smaller portions more frequently, including plenty of super healthy chia seeds. Joanne says the white seeds might be the best choice because they don’t show up as much on your teeth. Olive chia seeds because they are tiny and tasteless; all you will notice in your food is a pleasant, light crunch.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to put a jar of these in a pretty basket, along with a pint of wild Ontario blueberries, some granola, and a jar of maple syrup then present the basket to the hostess of whatever cottage you are lucky enough to be visiting?

Chia seeds are widely available in grocery stores and health food stores. So get your cha cha heels on and go on out and get yourself some chia seeds.

One comment to Eat Like a Bird: Cheery Chia Seeds….cha cha cha!

  • Wendy  says:

    I eat chia seeds (among other things) every morning on my cereal. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they live in your teeth. I guess I need to try the white ones.

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