Happy Under the Apple Boughs: Carl Laidlaw Orchards

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  • Jill Pritchard-Scott  says:

    Olive, thank you for your beautiful feature on Carl Laidlaw apple orchards. Mark and Laura are real heroes; through their hard work, creativity and dedication, their lovely farm endures. I have many happy memories of my own visiting the Laidlaw apple orchards with my children and other family. What a special place!


  • Laurence  says:

    Loved our visit there. Such a fantastic orchard. Everything is so clean and fresh and organized. Best apple picking I have been to

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  • Judy Kelly  says:

    So nice to see you at Lena’s party today and after reading about Laidlaw farms I am more than impressed about the business that is flourishing under your very competent hands. Will certainly try some of your family recipes and Al and I will make a special effort to take in your handiwork sometime this summer.

  • Olive  says:

    Hello, Judy. I have passed your comments on to Laura.

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